our quest is always the same

Owen Films Inc. is a company formed by Steven A. Jones as a vehicle to explore his creative instincts in film, video and music. After directing a large number of nationally aired animated commercials, Mr. Jones branched out into the feature film world, creating the award winning “Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer” as producer along with director John McNaughton. The success of this film brought many other projects, including “Mad Dog and Glory” featuring Robert DeNiro , Bill Murray and Uma Thurman, and “Wild Things”, starring Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon and many others. Mr. Jones’ body of work also includes five feature films by first time directors. Mr. Jones has had a long creative relationship with the band Styx, directing and producing music videos, documentaries, and video backgrounds for many of their tours.

The Owen Films quest is always the same – to bring a new perspective to projects created on film and video at the highest level of quality possible, no matter what the scale.