Enhancing the concertgoer’s experience

In 2003 the band Styx asked me to create video content to accompany their live performance on the Styx/Journey tour– visual material to be displayed on a huge video screen behind the band. Since then I have directed material for six of their tours, including the “Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight “ theater tour in 2010.

The custom made video content runs the gamut from live action through motion graphics and animation, all of it created to synchronize with the band’s live performance, amplifying the mood and energy of every song.

Working with Ken Hale and Ron Staley as Concert Video Visuals,  I  have created and directed the background video content for the band Styx for their tours with Journey, REO Speedwagon, Boston, Foreigner and Yes, displayed on LED screens up to 70 feet wide. I have also directed live action sequences along with all of the background content for the Styx solo “Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight theater tour in 2010.

By combining live action, animation, motion graphics, archival footage and stills, we create backgrounds that enhance the concertgoer’s experience by amplifying the mood and energy being generated by the band. The material is produced, formatted and displayed in a way that allows the background to work in tight sync with a live performance, whether or not the band performs to a sync pulse.

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